Newsletter one hundred and forty two

Happy New Year! (At what point does it become inappropriate to wish people that? March 17th?)


Looking ahead to 2016, I’ve got Jury of One (the second Lindenshaw book) coming out on March 21st which is great timing for the Deadly Dames gigs we have booked. You’ll be able to come and throw questions (or rotten tomatoes) at us in Portsmouth on St George’s day, 23rd April, and in Bognor on 12th May. More details on those events when we have them.

I’ve a couple of books contracted to Riptide, one of which will get subbed at the end of January, but at least it now has a proper working title, “Broke Deep”. I’m also hoping that the audio version on Lessons in Love will be ready to launch very soon.

I’ll be at UK Meet at the start of September, then at Queer Company in November.

Don’t forget there’s a load of free stories to be found at my cunningly titled Newsletter one hundred and forty two. Anybody can join up and start reading.

And finally

I was looking for something else on youtube (as you do) and found this, by one of my favourite singers the multi-talented and highly underrated Gary Wilmot.

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