WWI commemoration – Jersey revisited

One of the things about Jersey is that the past is very obviously making its presence felt. The island is dotted with castles, Martello towers and the very clear evidence of the German occupation in WWII. Yes, I know that’s not the 191418 conflict, but we must never forget that was another worldwide conflict hard on the heels (only 21 years) of the war which was to end all wars.

Some of the fortifications/constructions are put to another use these days – cycle paths, museums, turbot farms, etc. Not many promenades can have things like this along them!


But some of the reminders are chilling. The Underground Hospital, created by slave labour, is a testament to the cruelty of war.


Most moving for me was the memorial to Slave workers, at La Hougue Bie. This young man’s face is so modern looking, so haunting:


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