Newsletter one hundred and thirty five

Life slowly returning to normal after UK Meet, University run and a year which has been interesting in every sense of the world. Where did 2015 go? (And if anyone asks “Is it 2016 yet?” I shall brain them).


I’m at Kayelle Allen’s Facebook party 7pm to 7.30pm tonight GMT, 2pm to 2.30pm EST. (Assuming we’ve all worked our time zones out correctly.) Do drop in and ask me daft things. I daresay I shall be in a state of pre Rugby World Cup hysteria, which is always good for a laugh.

Am progressing nicely with the two contracted books and also with a new project which came out of the drive home from UK Meet and a conversation with my daughter that was so interesting we missed the turn off for the short cut. Anyhoo, it’s a mad idea for a humorous mainstream novel, albeit with at least two gay characters because it’s set in the real world and that’s how life is.

Also am writing blog posts for the Lessons for Sleeping Dogs tour which will be happening next month. And awaiting next set of edits for “Jury of One”, the follow up to “Best Corpse for the Job”. Would be nice to have some time to just sit back and relax, but rather that than bored.

And finally

Sing Out Bristol, the highlight for me of UK Meet 2015


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