Newsletter one hundred and thirty

If anybody has got an extra few hours in the day or days in the week they’d like to lend me, I’d be extremely grateful. June and July are always busy chez Cochrane but this year seems to be taking on 2012 proportions. By the time of the next newsletter we’ll have attended a graduation, part emptied an aged parent’s house and got a daughter relocated and into a new job, with a major car swop in the process. It’s never dull round here.


Lessons for Idle Tongues is out now, in e-book and print from Riptide. Samhain also has a brilliant “bundle” offer on the first eight books. I’ve been asked whether the series will come out in audio; it’s on my to-do list for when (if!) life gets a bit quieter.

Also on offer at present is Home Fires Burning – half price at Lethe. Aren’t my publishers nice?

In amongst all the hoojah referred to above, I’m dashing up to London (trains and tubes allowing) to do a Deadly Dames panel at the RNA conference. It’s always great fun to appear with the rest of the Dames, and Carol Westron’s questions always make me think.

And finally

On a more sombre note, Sunday marks the anniversary of the death of Captain GW Clegg-Hill, the soldier whose war grave I tend. It always amazes me how I, unknowingly, ended up looking after a man with this history.



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