Newsletter one hundred and twenty nine

Afternoon, my gorgeous friends, on this gorgeous afternoon. I hope the sun is shining on your upturned apple cheeks wherever you are.
*swivels in chair, sees it’s gone cloudy, carries on regardless*


Contract signed for the follow up to “The Best Corpse for the Job”, looking for an early 2016 release if all goes well.

Lots happening the next couple of weeks. I’m the guest of Havant Writers group on Wednesday, talking about writing gay relationships and the differences in doing that in the early 20th century and nowadays. Also, writing in a historical setting: research regarding background historical events and getting the language and tone right. I have a pile of old newspapers (original and repro) to use as a visual aid and a packet of repro Peace babies to offer as a prize.

Before then, “Lessons for Idle Tongues” will have been sprung on the world. The thought of a launch becomes no less scary with number of books published or popularity of characters. I shall have no nails left come Monday evening!

And finally

Fond memories of three summers ago and Olympic Park!


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