Newsletter one hundred and twenty six

Hope that you’re all keeping well. The trees are looking particularly green and luscious this spring – let’s hope it’s a presager of a great summer for us all.


Queer Company last weekend was just brilliant. Good panels, old friends and new and an excellent speaker on the topic of Dorian Gray who managed to tread a great line in terms of being just academic enough. It was particularly nice to be able to enjoy an event without being one of the organisers and therefore always having to be on duty. Liam’s done a great event write up at his blog.

So this summer is a busy time, what with Bookcrossing last month and two events coming up in July; talking to Havant Writers’ group and being on a Deadly Dames panel at the RNA conference. Still, being busy keeps me off the streets.

As for writing, am up to oxters in edits for Lessons for Sleeping Dogs, and have had, thanks to Julie Bozza, a mad idea for a series of short stories involving the Cambridge lads solving real life based mysteries. Not Jack the Ripper or the Marie Celeste, I hasten to add, but things like helping Alan Turing (whom we know they met) to find his buried silver. Any ideas for other people they could encounter, or problems they could solve, gratefully received.

And finally:

No truth in the rumour that this is Liam Livings with his granny.

22417_597949347008058_8141250607784233817_nQC pic.


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