Newsletter one hundred and twenty four

Well, we’ve had summer already here in Hampshire (old, not New) – two days of temperatures in the twenties and now back to being chilly. Better get my snowboots out, just in case.


You probably know that Promises Made Under Fire is out in audio book (and very nicely read it is).

I’m delighted to say that Home Fires Burning is also out in audio and it’s equally well read. Us poor authors, we’re always scared that the wrong voice will ruin our stories, but I’m tickled pink at the quality.

If you fancy a light hearted, slightly daft little story, there’s one to read for free over at the UK Meet blog. It was written as a tag story, with four other authors, which was something I’d never tried before. I hope it’s as much fun to read as it was to write.

Not a picture of what inspires me but of me being inspired, this time. Was delighted to be appearing with the Deadly Dames (and a chevalier!) at the Bookcrossing conference last weekend. Our biggest audience – well over a hundred – and a delight to present to.


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