Pride of Poppies – another little gem

Break of Day in the Trenches by jaylewistaylor is another gem. My notes say “Abso blooming luvverly” which sums it up entirely. I have to admit to going all fangirly about this story.

Escaping from the German lines hasn’t gone to plan. Second Lieutenant David Lewry is sheltering from the barrage in a German dug-out, literally thrown together with Captain David Russell-Hansford-Barnes. Although the two seem to have nothing in common beyond their first name, they share two things: a desire to get back to the British lines, and a desire to live. Then, as they talk through the wait for dawn, the realisation comes on them that they share still more.

Funnily enough, Jay’s story has a similar story arc to my offering in the anthology, although very different characters. I enjoyed his light touch and creation of a real atmosphere of the time and setting.

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