Newsletter one hundred and twenty three

Wishing you all a truly blessed Easter, full of rest, refreshment and fun. We’ve just consumed a small aurochs and a field full of vegetables, followed by having an epic game of Totopoly. Those of you who know us well can guess how competitive that got.


Don’t forget the wonderful Manifold event Queer Company. Still some places left and a chance to see Liam in one of his jackets.

I have a free short story for you, The Boy from Kings, which you can either download via the link on my website, or at my free fiction page.

Cambridge, 1932.

“So that’s your boy from Kings?” Jonty Stewart—expert on the sonnets and admirer of a fine male form—asked. He and Orlando Coppersmith—Professor in Applied Mathematics and no less an aficionado of masculine beauty—watched the slim, slightly untidy figure as it moved along Kings Parade.
“Less mine than Dr. Panesar’s,” Orlando replied, wrinkling his brow. “They talk machines for hours on end, apparently.”
“Then that boy does Cambridge a great service. If Maurice Panesar is talking about machines he can’t be blowing the university up with them.”
“Dr. Panesar hasn’t produced an explosion in…two weeks, at least.” Orlando grinned. “He’s lost some integral piece of apparatus. I think Turing’s helping him find it.”
Jonty wrinkled his nose. “Turing? That’s the boy’s name?”
“Yes, and he’s not a boy. That’s you showing your age. Everybody looks young to you.”
“Pfft,” Jonty replied. “Does this Turing talk numbers, too?”
“He does. To me. He’s got great potential.”

Hie thee hence to read the rest!


My poppy…


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