Seeing the slash – a final reflection on The Red House Mystery

So, after a bit more arm taking and smiling happily at each other, we’re into the last third of the book, with another reference from Anthony about how splendid Bill is and how they can take on the world together and some banter that, if two of my ‘lads’ were spouting it, would be seen as flirtatious.

Then they share a bed at an inn. Yes, you read that right and no, it wasn’t unusual for the time, so don’t read too much into it. Bill goes out like a light, snoring, while Anthony lies awake thinking – allegedly about the murder, but who knows? At the end, they part, Anthony slightly sad and hoping Bill won’t see the girl he fancies for a while, while equally hoping that another murder will throw he and Bill together again.

In my mind, Bill and he meet again, by which point Bill has realised where his affections truly lie. You can get the rest…

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