Seeing more slash in the Red House mystery

Where had we got to? Anthony continually telling Bill how wonderful he is. A couple of pages later, Bill “had forgotten golf and Betty and all the other things which had made up his world lately. This was the real thing. This was life.”

Did I mention how often Anthony takes Bill’s arm when they’re walking? I know that this practice was not uncommon at certain times in the early twentieth century, and nobody batted an eyelid, but they seem to be at it all the time. And then there’s the hand holding. Anthony tells Bill he’s the most perfect “Watson” then takes Bill’s hand in both of his to say, “There is nothing that you and I could not accomplish together…” (That’s the sort of things he says a lot.) Bill responds by calling him a silly old ass, and Anthony replies with “That’s what you always say when I’m being serious” which is very similar to a tense, flirtatious interchange between Laurie and Andrew in “The Charioteer”.

You could not make this up…

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