Newsletter one hundred and twenty one

And here we are in February – where has the year gone? Not long soon now to Purbeck Literary Festival. Liam has promised to wear one of his stunning jackets. We’ll blink and it will be April and then it’s Bookcrossing with the equally snazzy Deadly Dames.


Lessons for Survivors is now on sale everywhere. It always feels a bit odd to rerelease a book, but there are always new readers to be found. It’s a great reality check when people say “I’d never come across this series” when the first one has been out for best part of six years.

Am working on a sequel to “The Best Corpse for the Job” (or would be if the characters would like to tell me why one of them isn’t answering his phone.)

Had a cracking time at the International Thriller Writers (which includes cosy mystery writers!) meet up in London. That’s me, hiding up the back next to my old pal JL Merrow. It’s a great organisation, and it’s free, so I’d recommend anybody who qualifies to join to go and do so. We’ll be having another big book giveaway in March, about which I’ll post more details here.


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