Newsletter one hundred and nineteen

Nest is empty again for a while. Mr. C. is out golfing today, the sun is shining and I’ve got so much done it’s unbelievable!


I got a shock when I looked in my diary and realised that Lessons for Survivors gets relaunched a fortnight on Monday. Blog posts all written for the tour, though, including the start of a four part story concerning Jonty’s great nephew, Jonny. And, I promise, 2015 is the year when the story of Jonty, the goat and the porters’ lodge will be revealed. The book is revised from its Cheyenne version, with a bigger role for those wasps. (That makes no sense until you read it, of course.) It’s on discounted pre-order, BTW.

Programme now up for Purbeck Lit Fest and look who’s strutting their stuff. We promise to be entertaining, not least because Liam is threatening to wear his snazziest jacket. We won’t charge extra for photos with him.

Have been pontificating about humour in writing, and why it’s a dangerous business, over at ARE Cafe.


Thoughts of the summer holidays


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