WWI – featured book “Fighter Heroes of WWI”

Must have picked this one up in a charity shop, given the 99p sticker on the front. Worth every penny and more.

I confess to having fallen for some of the handsome young men featured. (I can’t help it, that’s one of the reasons I have to ration my purchasing of books about this era.) Arthur Rhys Davids, who took a volume of Blake’s poetry into battle and who got so excited on one occasion when discussing a dog fight that he began stammering. William Leefe Robinson, who looks just like James McEvoy in that picture, so it’s no wonder the women chased him, and whose physical and mental health was ruined by the time spent in a POW camp.

Young men learning to fight (and defend, and to make reconnaissance) in a new way, flying with the birds yet returning all too soon to the earth. We shall remember them.

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