Thoughts on “The Imitation Game”

I enjoyed the film, once I’d told myself to regard it as almost fancfiction and that the “Based on a true story” bit at the start should really have read “Very loosely based on a true story”.

Cumberbatch was excellent as Turing (although Derek Jacobi will always be my favourite depicter of the man) and the ensemble playing was well up to scratch, especially the warhorses of the British film scene, Messrs Kinnear, Strong and Dance.

Quibbles? The story of how Enigma was broken was simplified so much that it became untrue, and that not just in detail. Also the events surrounding Turing’s arrest were inaccurately depicted. (Read a good biography of the bloke to find out what really happened.)

Oh, and a note to the screenwriters. “Professor” has a totally different connotation in England than in the US.

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