Sitting at the feet of giants

Woke up this morning cream crackered from yesterday’s exertions to find a great advanced review for “Best Corpse”. It’s not live yet, so I can’t quote it, but “engaging and “entertaining” were used.

Yesterday I went to the inaugural meeting of the UK chapter of ITW. I met the delightful writing team which is Maynard Sims (fellow Samhain peeps!) and we sat round the dining table of Peter James, our jaws hitting the floor at the writing talent in the room and wondering what we were doing there. I mean, these were authors whose pencils I am not fit to sharpen; whose sales and advances I could only fantasise about. Came home totally inspired and with lots of ideas, of which more anon.

If any of you write crime/thrillers/mysteries, then please consider joining International Thriller Writers because it’s a great group.

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