Guest author – Meg Winikates

I met Meg through fandom, and we’ve remained pals because of a mutual love of Boston and sea creatures and age of sail and…yep, you get it. Meg says of herself:

I decorate my living room every October to look like a Hogwarts student lives there, complete with books ‘flying’ from fishing line off my bookshelves. I play flute, fool around with paints, and make beaded jewellery (though not at the same time), and I suffer from crafter’s ADD so I’m always bouncing between several projects at a time. Every job I have held as an adult has had a valid reason for me to turn up to work in costume at least once.

I’d like to add that we exchange proper letters (one just arrived by today’s post!), have monkeyed about at Monkey Island, tried the Thames at Maidenhead (Meg will appreciate that poetic reference) and that I managed to persuade her to try bubble and squeak.

I’m delighted to be able to feature her here in anticipation of her upcoming project Palettes of Light, which combines Meg’s poetry with Michelle Morris’s photographs and hope that she’ll be back when it launches.


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