WWI commemoration – Toc H

When I went to the Museum of Army Chaplaincy, I bought “10 tales of Talbot House” because, to my shame I knew very little about the place, or about its founder Tubby Clayton. I have to say I was mesmerised. I’d come across mention of the place in some of the WWI biographies I’ve read, but the full significance of that wonderful haven hadn’t sunk in.

One of the many fascinating tales in the book is that of an unknown gunner, (probably somebody off the stage, not identified) who took part in one of the concerts held at Toc H. He read Kipling’s Follow me Home.

“For it’s “Three rounds blank” and follow me,
And it’s “Thirteen rank” and follow me;
Oh, passing the love of women,
Follow me—follow me home!”

If any of my pals in the UK want to borrow this little book,, let me know.

And now I have a problem. One can stay at the house itself. So how am I going to manage not to go?

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