One of those 10 things memes

As seen on the lovely clarelondon‘s facebook. Feel free to play!

1. My nickname — Wumble. That’s what the girls call me (mix of Mum and womble.)
2. My eye colour — hazel.
3. My hair colour — mousy with grey bits.
4. One fact about me — I once fed Red Rum a Polo mint.
5. Favourite colour — warm brown.
6. Favourite place — Jersey, Channel islands.
7. Favourite celebrity — does Jose Maria Olazabal count?
8. Favourite animal — too many choices. Duck billed platypuses. Baby sloths. Squids of any sort. Jellyfish, superfast or otherwise.
9. Favourite song — too many choices for this, too. Surfs Up. Sailing to Philadelphia. Liberation. Happy. End of the World.
10. Favourite book — either The Charioteer or Death at the President’s Lodging.

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