7/7/7 meme

I’ve been tagged three times on FB the last few days. Thought I’d better get my act together and play along! The procedure: go to page 7 or 77 in your WIP, scroll down seven lines and C&P the next seven. Tag 7 authors to do the same. (I’m not tagging anyone, but do play if you want.)

I’m cheating a bit because I’ve already done the 7/7/7 thing for my WIP, but here are lines 7 to 14 from the story I’ve started most recently. (Hoping to sub it to an anthology later this year.)

I’d given him a lift from the casualty clearing station, and we were both heading back, when a shell took a fancy to the piece of ground just to the left of us, the little strip we’d played cricket on just two days previously. Up went me, the padre, the car and all, including Stevens, the poor injured lad we were taking back with us. The lad who was at present scattered all over the field, with his legs at third slip and his head lolling around square leg, if you follow me.
The padre was pretty cut up about it: he’d not long been in France and nothing he’d heard or read had prepared him for the reality of modern war. He wanted to bury Stevens there and then but he’d have ended up getting the three of us buried.

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