Newsletter one hundred and seven

We’re back from the depths of Welsh Wales, suntanned, wind blown and having holidayed alone for the first time in twenty three years! Am suffering severe reverse World Cup widowhood, though, as Mr C decided he wasn’t going to watch any games, so I have to sneak off and watch them on my laptop!


June seemed to consist entirely of edits. The last little dribs and drabs for Second Helpings (out in a couple of weeks!), and some proper edits for best Corpse (November) and spruced up Lessons for Survivors (next year!). Now I’m up to my oxters in preparing blog posts for the Second Helpings blog tour, which will be my first pukkah one. Very exciting all round.

So am I doing any proper writing? Let me just say I’m supposed to be, and leave it at that. Next deadline is for Cambridge Fellows book 11 (working title Lessons for Idle Tongues”) which has to be drafted by 1st September. I keep looking at the calendar and hoping some more, clear, days will emerge!

I’m very lucky to have lots of great guest authors who drop by. I’ve started to go back though these and tag them for ease of finding – the last four months’ worth (a delightful dozen!) are listed here. Do drop in and ‘meet’ these lovely peeps.


During WWI there was a Remount Depot at Pauncefoot Hill about 5 miles from us. There are all sorts of commemorations going on, culminating in the unveiling of a statue in the Memorial Park next year. The artist who’s made said statue has an exhibition of work relating to it, at Ranvilles farm (where the depot was) today and tomorrow. Of course I went – the contemporary pictures are incredibly moving. All that’s left is the farm itself, and some intriguing lumps and bumps in the fields.


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